Hi, I'm Pamela J. Oakes - but you can call me PJ! I equip baby-boomers to curate their lifetime expertise, market their brilliance, defy aging stereotypes and live their passions out loud! I’m an speaker, trainer and success mentor by trade but a world-travelling, day-dreaming, writer and African-American art collector by inclination…assuming of course that 3 pieces of art still count as a "collection!" I’ve been a business owner, corporate trainer and passionate community volunteer for years and remain a spirited advocate for global issues of women and girls. However, having spent my first 50 years nurturing a profession, I’m dedicating the next 50 to cultivating my passion; “Empowering grown-folks to redefine, redesign and reimagine the life of their dreams.” I created this blog, aptly named, Act 2 Scene 1, to document my own transition from Act 1 "employee" to Act 2 “Purveyor of Power & Purpose.” I’m busting into my toolkit loaded down with over a half-century of experience and expertise in the fields of small business ownership, corporate training, professional speaking, event planning, leadership development, personal transformation, management, administration and mentoring, and putting that collective wisdom to work for YOU! Whether you are 50, over 50, nearing 50 or just plan to one day be 50, I dare you to take bold steps down new roads, chase down curiosity, greet unknown with wide-eyed wonder and champion your inner roar! Let’s begin!