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Headshot - White backgroundHello!  I’m Pamela J. Oakes, international conference speaker, trainer, success mentor and personal development strategist. I work with clients to market their brilliance, and transform their lifetime expertise into profitable business enterprises.

With over 3 decades of experience combined of corporate training, consulting, public speaking, private philanthropy, and business ownership, I have delivered my signature mix of education, motivation, and humor on 3 continents in over 6 countries.

I’ve been a business owner, mentor and passionate community volunteer for years and remain a spirited advocate for global issues of women and girls. However, having spent nearly 50 years nurturing a profession, I’m dedicating the next 50 to cultivating my passion; “Equipping the 50+ crowd to redefine, redesign and reimagine the life of their dreams.”

I started this blog, aptly named, Act 2 Scene 1, in part, to document my own transition into the “sweet season” of life (the years after 50.)  At the same time, I’m busting into my toolkit loaded down with over a half-century of proven expertise and demonstrated experience in the fields of leadership development, corporate training, professional speaking, entrepreneurship, mentoring, coaching, and project management and putting that collective wisdom to work for YOU!

At 55 years young, I teach passionately about being awesomely ageless, defying aging stereotypes, owning the power of your potential, redefining & reimagining life on your own terms, and making an indelible mark in your destiny through every season of life.

In my spare time, I can be found scouring antique shops, collecting African-American art, or travelling the globe to check off yet another exotic destination on my bucket-list!

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